California’s Bail Process


Paying bail allows you to leave jail and stay at home rather than sitting in a jail cell as your case
makes its way through the incredibly slow judicial system. Paying bail makes it possible to continue working, to care for your family, and meet with your lawyer in their office. If you’ve been arrested, there are a few things you should know about California’s bail process.

A Bail Hearing isn’t Always Necessary

If you’re a fan of procedural shows, you probably assume that as soon as you’re arrested, you’ll
basically walk right into a bail hearing. That’s not necessarily the case. In most situations, bail is
pre-determined by the crime you’ve been charged with. The booking officer will tell you the amount you owe. Not having to attend a bail hearing allows shortens the amount of time it takes to get you released on bail.

Don’t Expect to Write a Check

When it comes to bail, you shouldn’t expect the court to simply accept a personal check from you. You also shouldn’t plan on using your credit card to pay. There are only certain forms of bail payment California courts can receive. Acceptable forms of California bail payment includes:

  • Money orders
  • Cash
  • Cashiers checks

The Money isn’t Gone Forever

The great thing about bail is that while the amount can put a significant strain on your immediate financial situation, it’s not permeant. The court will reimburse you as soon as your case reaches its conclusion. The problem is that it’s difficult to know just how long that will take. If the charges are dropped, the court might return your bail money in just a few days. If your case goes before a jury, the process could take months, or longer.

Santa Ana Bail Bond in Anaheim Wants to Help

We understand that not everyone has the financial means to pay the entire amount of their bail. We also understand that sitting in jail means you can’t work or meet your other obligations. We don’t think that’s fair which is why we’ve created a fluid process that allows you to pay your bail.

Knowing that not everyone is in the same financial situation prompted us to create a process that increases the number of people we agree to help. We have a variety of options available to clients that include:

  • Zero-down bail
  • Low-interest bail
  • Flexible payment plans
  • 20% discounts
  • In-Person bail payments
  • Phone bail payments
  • Online bail payments

We have a reputation for working closely with each person who contacts us and creating a plan that allows them to make bail.

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