Bailing a Juvenile Out of Jail


A great thing has been happening in California. The number of minors getting arrested has been steadily decreasing over the past decade. This is good news and gives many people hope that as the current crop of well-behaved minors become adults, they will continue to be pillars of society and the state’s crime rate will decrease.

While there are fewer minors getting into trouble, juvenile arrests haven’t completely disappeared.

There always seems to be some confusion when a minor is arrested. No one who isn’t directly involved with law enforcement ever seems to be entirely sure of what the youth’s rights are. One of the first questions many parents struggle to answer is whether they can bail the youngster out of jail.

Unlike an adult who is allowed to bail themselves out of jail.

When a case involves an arrested minor, the court usually scrambles to schedule the hearing for as soon as possible. They want to resolve the matter quickly. If the judge decides that the child shouldn’t be held in a detention center while the case makes its way through the court system, they will arrange to have the minor released.

The only way the minor is released is if their parent/legal guardian agrees to make sure that the minor appears at their mandated court appearances.

If you’re a parent who is struggling to understand the legalities of an arrest that involves your child, it’s in your best interest to hire a good juvenile criminal defense attorney who will help you navigate this complicated system and also prepare your child’s defense. The sooner you do so, the sooner order will be restored to your family.

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