Why Can Bail Be Denied

Why Can Bail Be Denied

A lot of people assume that whenever a person is arrested, they are given a bail amount. As long as the person pays the bail, they will be released from jail. However, this isn’t always the case. A person isn’t always guaranteed to be granted bail. There are several different reasons why a person could be denied bail and forced to spend their trial period behind bars.

To understand why a person can be denied bail, you need to understand what is expected of people who are out on bail. When someone is granted bail, they are expected to be on their best behavior and to return to court for all of their appointments. If they fail to do this then their bail is forfeit and they will be rearrested.

So, when a judge or law enforcement are looking at a person and deciding if they will be granted bail, they look at the following:

  • What crime the person was arrested for. Some crimes are too violent to warrant releasing an individual. Take for instance the crime of murder. If someone is arrested for that crime, most people in the community wouldn’t feel safe if the person was released.
  • The person’s criminal record. If a person has committed a lot of crimes in the past, there is a higher chance that they will commit more crimes when released. This means releasing them from jail would only cause more problems.
  • The likelihood of the person running away if released. People are more likely to stick around and show up to court if they have things that tie them to the area, such as a home, a job, or a family. If a person doesn’t have those things close by, then they are more likely to run away if released from jail.

If it is determined that a person is too dangerous to be released on bail, or the person is likely to flee, then they will be denied bail. They will be stuck in jail for the remainder of their trial.

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